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Legoland Florida Water Park for young kids

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We recently spent the day at Legoland Florida, which has become a family favorite theme park. As it is, the park has so many fun and creative things to do (read through this post here for our full review of why young families will love Legoland Florida!) but tucked away at the back of Legoland Florida is a hidden gem; an amazing water park designed with little Lego fans in mind!

Since temperatures in Florida are generally very much on the warmer side, I kind of feel like every theme park should have a water park attached to it, and we definitely weren’t the only ones to take advantage of the park during a particularly warm March day. Take a look through my review of the Legoland Florida Water Park for young kids to see just what we found to do to get wet and stay cool!

General information about Legoland Florida Water Park

Entrance to the water park is not included in general admission, but it was only $20 per person to add it on on to our regular park tickets. The water park is located right at the back of the Legoland park, so it is a bit of a trek to get there; with a 4-year old and a stroller on a moderately busy day, it took us about 15 minutes to walk through the park to get there.

I would definitely recommend drying off and getting changed after using the water park, as I can’t imagine that walking all the way back through the main park dripping wet and in a bathing suit would be much fun!

The water park has a couple of quick service food options, including an ice cream hut, as well as a store where you can buy everything you’ll need for a day of water park fun. There is also a first aid, a guest services, and a cabana rental should you be looking for somewhere a little more private to camp out.

While I think most young kids would be happy with just a big pool of water to play in, there is no shortage of other fun stuff to do here! Between the wave pool, the water slides, and the incredible interactive water play area, we actually could have spent the whole day here instead of just a few hours!

Legoland Florida Water Park

The Joker Soaker

Hands down, this was Harrison’s favorite thing about the water park! The joker soaker is a huge multi-story play structure with places to climb, slide, soak others and get soaked yourself! A huge yellow bucket at the top of the structure dumps 300-gallons of water on everyone from time to time, and this seemed to be pretty much every kid’s highlight!

While you have to be 40 inches to go down some of the slides, Harrison had an amazing time just running around playing with the water spouts and splashing around. The water was shallow, so even little ones that can’t swim shouldn’t be too intimidated, and there were plenty of parents playing right alongside their kids!

This was one of the those play structures that looked so awesome, I kind of wanted to be a kid again so I could go and play!

Legoland Florida Water Park

Photo courtesy of Legoland Florida

The Lego Wave Pool and Build-a-Raft River

If little ones get tired out (ha!) from all of that running around, they can chill out a little in two of our other favorite areas. The Lego Wave Pool doesn’t have the crazy high waves that you get at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park, so it was perfectly safe for younger kids to enjoy.

There were soft over-sized Lego bricks floating in the water, and Harrison had a great time playing in the shallows, building things with the bricks and then watching the waves knock them down!

The Build-a-Raft River is basically a lazy river with a twist; you get to build your own raft! The inner tubes have Lego building blocks attached to the side and as you drift along the 1000-foot river, you pass by lots of the soft over-sized Lego blocks floating in the water!

It was so much fun to collect the blocks and add them to our rafts, making them look however we wanted; ours ended up with a tower about three feet high on it! Looking out for the Lego blocks to add to our raft also kept Harrison occupied so I could attempt to actually enjoy the ‘lazy’ part of the lazy river!

Legoland Florida Water Park

Duplo Splash Safari

As with the rest of the Legoland park, the Legoland Water Park has an area just for the very little ones.

Kids under six years old can enjoy the Duplo Splash Safari, an interactive water play area just for them. There are smaller slides perfect for toddlers, and over-sized, colorful Duplo animals that shoot and spray water. The water here is really shallow, and in places it was even shallow enough for our baby to crawl around.

Everything in this area is geared towards babies and toddlers; at 4-years old, Harrison tired of this area after about 15 minutes, but I can see that when our baby is a few months older, he’ll play happily here for ages!

Legoland Florida Water Park

Staying at Legoland Florida

If you’re going to be spending more than one day at Legoland Florida (and really, you need to with all there is to do between the theme park and the water park!) then it certainly makes sense to look into your onsite options. Legoland is home to the fabulous Legoland Hotel, as well as the Lego Beach Retreat.

The Legoland Hotel is located right at the entrance to the theme park, and has the most fabulous Lego themed rooms. The Lego Beach Retreat can be found across the street from the resort (with complimentary shuttle to take you to and from the parks) and has incredible rooms, as well as so many activities for the kids.

Read more on the incredible Legoland Hotel in this post by ‘Five for the Road’ and the Legoland Beach Retreat in this post by ‘Tear Free Travel’.

We really only scratched the surface of things to do at the Legoland Water Park, and we’re already dying to go back and explore some more. We never got chance to check out Creative Cove, for example, where you can build and sail your own Lego boat!

I can easily see how you could spend a whole day here, and if you were to stay a night at the Legoland Hotel, the water park would be such a perfect add-on to a day at the Legoland park! For more information, take a look at the official website.

Many thanks to Legoland Florida for hosting us on this trip. As always, all opinions are my own.

Have you visited the Legoland Florida Water Park?

Amy Crooks

Monday 27th of March 2017

We haven't actually been in the water park yet, but it looks so wonderful! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! We love LEGOLAND Florida Resort! :)


Monday 27th of March 2017

It was so much fun, and we love Legoland Florida too!

Anmaria Djong I Onelazychic

Thursday 23rd of March 2017

My daughter is a big fan of legoland, but we have never go to the water park of legoland yet. This look really fun and will definitely try their water park now.


Monday 27th of March 2017

The water park was new to us too, but we're so glad we tried it out - we can't wait to go back!


Wednesday 22nd of March 2017

So fun! We visited in early March and the waterpark wasn't open yet. My kids were peaking through the fence to get a look! It looks like a lot of fun!!


Wednesday 22nd of March 2017

I think we were there on one of the first days of the year the water park was open. It was about 85 degrees so it was perfect weather!

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