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Grocery delivery at Disney World; what to know and what to order

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Whenever we travel to Walt Disney World, we always use a grocery delivery service to deliver some basic groceries and sundries while we’re there. While the Disney Parks and Resorts have no shortage of places to buy food, drinks, and other essentials you may have forgotten to pack, using grocery delivery at Disney World is an affordable and convenient way to have some basic groceries and sundries ready and waiting for you when you arrive at your hotel.

This guide will walk you through why we use grocery delivery, the basics of how the system works and the companies that offer the service, and what we usually order to have delivered to our resort. Read ahead for all you need to know about grocery delivery at Disney World.

Grocery Delivery at Disney World

Why use grocery delivery at Disney World?

We use grocery delivery at Walt Disney World for a number of different reasons.

The first is to save some money. It is much more affordable to buy day to day groceries and sundries from a grocery delivery service than it is to buy them at the parks and resorts.

With a bottled water at $3.50 and Mickey pretzels at over $6, those snacks and drinks can really add up – you can buy a whole case of water from Amazon Prime for the price of one bottle!

Things like diapers, wipes, and toiletries are even more expensive and that’s money you can be spending on other parts of your Disney vacation.

Another reason for us is convenience. We travel with two young children and when they wake up in the mornings, they are ready to eat breakfast well before we are ready to leave the room!

Ordering some basic breakfast items like Cheerios, yogurt, and juice boxes from a grocery delivery service mean they have something to keep them going until we can all get up and ready to go.

It’s also great to have some of those snacks on hand for waiting in line or for shows to start to keep the kids occupied.

One other reason we use grocery delivery at Disney World is to have some familiar foods on hand for our picky eater.

My oldest son is particular about his food and although we can almost always find him something to eat at the parks, it makes me feel better to know that even if he doesn’t eat a huge meal, he can go back to the room to a familiar brand of yogurt or applesauce.

I also find that sometimes Disney serves the same fruit and vegetables over and over, so it’s nice to order something a little different from a grocery delivery service to balance out the kids diets a little.

It is also particularly helpful if traveling with someone who has food allergies who might not be able to find such a wide variety of foods they can eat in the parks. Read this post for more on travel with a picky eater.

Which companies deliver groceries to Disney World?

There are a number of companies that deliver groceries to Disney World. The best known and probably most widely used is Amazon Prime Now.

This is exclusively for Amazon Prime members, a subscription that a lot of people already have, and it provides quick and easy grocery delivery for thousands of everyday groceries and sundries. You can even get things in less than an hour!

This is the grocery delivery service we have used most often when staying at Walt Disney World, partly because we already have a membership so there are no additional costs, but also because we never have any challenges with them.

They carry the majority of the brands that we use so we know we can get what we need, I find prices to be pretty much comparable to grocery store prices and there is no delivery fee if the order is over $35.

The other popular option is Garden Grocer. This company have been delivering groceries to the Orlando parks well before any of the other places started doing it, so you can be sure that they know what they’re doing.

I find prices to be a little bit higher than other grocery delivery services, and you do pay a higher delivery fee, however if you order more than 60 days in advance, you get 10% off the entire order.

You are more restricted with the items they have on their site which means sometimes they don’t carry the exact brands we’re used to, but we can usually find alternatives.

Other options include Shipt and Instacart, who act as personal grocery shoppers for you at local stores like Publix and Target. Shipt is a membership site so not a great option for a one time grocery delivery, but if you are already a member, you can use this service at the parks as well.

Some grocery stores in the area also offer a delivery service, including Walmart and Costco.

How does grocery delivery at Disney World work?

This will differ slightly depending on the grocery delivery service you use, but generally it will all be similar.

You’ll go to the site you wish to order from, choose your products, and then head to checkout where you will choose a delivery window. Put the order under your name (or whoever will be accepting the groceries) and then the delivery address will be the name and address of your Disney Resort Hotel.

Due to the latest update on their third party delivery policy, you will now need to meet the delivery person face to face to collect your groceries, so make sure you pick a collection time when you’ll be at the resort so you can meet them.

What are the best things to order from grocery delivery at Disney World?

For babies:

  • Diapers and wipes: these take up a lot of space in luggage, space which is especially valuable if you’re flying. Pack as many as you need for the journey, and then have a larger supply delivered to your resort.
  • Formula: this is another bulky item that you can have delivered to save space.
  • Purified water: if you’re going to be making up bottles with formula and need to use purified water, it’s much easier to order it to be delivered than attempting to carry it with you and much more affordable than buying water at Disney.
  • Baby food: with all of the food options at the parks and resorts, you won’t find baby food. Order a few pouches to be delivered to your resort and you’re good to go.

For families:

  • Bottled water: bottled water at Disney is expensive, period. Having it delivered so you can take it to the parks with you is an easy way to save money.
  • Juice boxes
  • Snacks such as applesauce pouches, dried fruit, granola bars, and crackers
  • Milk and yogurt
  • Coffee
  • Beer and wine (not every grocery delivery service can deliver alcohol, and make sure you bring an ID when picking up alcohol from Bell Services).

This is just what we have ordered in the past, but the possibilities are pretty endless. This is such a fantastic way to save money at the parks (because there are so many other amazing things to buy!) and have convenient and familiar snacks and products on hand for when you arrive.

Grocery Delivery at Disney World

Have you ever used grocery delivery at Walt Disney World? What do you normally order?


Friday 31st of May 2019

Hi - have you ordered beer or wine through Prime Now and had it delivered to bell services without having to meet the driver and show them ID? Garden Grocer is our favorite and who we used in the past with no issues, but their prices are so much higher than amazon.


Sunday 2nd of June 2019

Sort of - we've been able to have it delivered to Bell Services however Bell Services wouldn't let us take it without showing them ID. I'm not sure what they would have done if we hadn't had ID!

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