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The best shoes for Disney World (for adults and kids)

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If you’ve ever visited Walt Disney World then you’ll know just how much walking is involved – you can easily walk miles and miles throughout the parks, and the last thing you want is to have to leave early or be uncomfortable because you’re wearing the wrong shoes.

Comfortable shoes for Disney World are an absolute must for an enjoyable day and as someone who has walked probably thousands of miles throughout the Disney parks over the years, I’ve managed to pick out a few favorites that are comfortable every time. Here’s my guide to the best shoes for Disney World!

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links, which means that if you purchase an item after clicking on the link, I will receive a small commission from the sale. This is at no extra cost to you, and as always, all opinions and recommendations are my own.

Your Disney shoes should be a few things:

They should be comfortable and breathable; Central Florida is a tropical climate so it will most likely be hot and will probably be wet at some point. Shoes that allow air to flow will not only allow your feet to breathe, but will dry more quickly if they get wet.

Shoes for Disney should also ideally be easy to pack and not take up too much space in your suitcase – you need that space for all of those souvenirs!

Most importantly, your shoes should NOT be new! Do not ever wear brand new shoes to Disney World, always wear shoes that you have broken in already. Brand new shoes will not have had chance to fit your feet yet so they are bound to be uncomfortable at first, and blisters at Disney are a very bad thing.

If you are buying new shoes for Disney, buy them in advance and wear them as much as possible before your trip.

Even if your shoes are the perfect shoes for Disney World, I would still recommend bringing a few essentials just in case you find them hurting with all of the extra walking. In my list of unusual things for your Disney parks bag I recommend bringing band aids and moleskin, which work wonders for blisters, and anti chafing balm, which can be great to prevent rubbing.

The best shoes for Disney World for women

Nike Women’s Free RN Flyknit Sneakers

These are my number one choice because these are my sneakers! I have worn these sneakers at Walt Disney World multiple times over the years, often on days when I’m walking the parks for hours on end in the heat or wet weather, and they’ve never become uncomfortable.

The DRI-fit fabric wicks moisture away from feet, and the flat seam construction means they don’t rub your feet – so no hot sweaty feet and no blisters! I can 100% recommend these sneakers as some of the best shoes for Disney World for women!

Nike Women’s Epic React Sneakers

These sneakers are super lightweight, meaning not only are they going to be more comfortable to wear in the parks all day, but they won’t add unnecessary weight to your bags when packing for Disney!

They have great stretch and support and provide great stability, so they’re great for someone who needs a little more support whilst walking around the parks.

Sketchers Sport Women’s Breathe Easy Sneakers

Not only are these sneakers really cute, but they’re really comfortable thanks to breathe easy panels on the side; this allows feet to breathe more easily which is so important when walking around the hours in the heat and humidity.

They’re also quick dry so if they get wet on a water ride or stepping in a puddle on a wet day, you won’t have wet feet for the rest of the day!

Teva Women’s Sandals

If the thought of wearing sneakers in the hot weather is more than you can bear then don’t worry, there are comfortable sandals out there too!

Amongst other Disney loving friends, the Teva sandals are definitely the most popular; not only do they provide great support (that you won’t get from a pair of flip flops) but your feet will definitely breathe more easily and dry quicker if they get wet.

KEEN Women’s Sandals

This is another pair of sandals that I own, and I bought them on the recommendation of a friend that visits Disney World multiple times a year! These are great for days when it’s super hot and you don’t want to wear sneakers or even a heavier sandal like the Teva.

They’re just very supportive flip flops that are really comfortable, even walking around for hours, and I often wear them to the parks on days when it looks like rain since they dry very quickly (and therefore so do my feet!)

The best shoes for Disney World for men

Sketchers Men’s Afterburn Memory Foam Sneakers

The memory foam technology in these sneakers are really a game changer, and allow them to conform to the shape of the feet much better. My suggestion with these sneakers would be to wear them in advance so they’ve had time to adjust to the foot shape and are as comfortable as possible.

Nike Men’s Tanjun Sneakers

These have that same breathable fabric as the women’s Sketchers mentioned earlier, meaning they allow for better airflow and are much more comfortable. They also offer shock absorbing soles for maximum comfort for all of that walking you’ll be doing.

Teva Men’s Sandals

There are definitely some great men’s options for sandals as well when it comes to the best shoes for Disney World and not surprisingly, they’re the same brands that offer the great women’s options!

I know more than a few Disney husbands who swear by their Teva sandals for maximum comfort and durability, so while these are a bit more pricey than a regular pair of flip flops, they’re going to last longer and your feet will thank you!

KEEN Men’s Sandals

I think the KEEN sandals for men look a little more stylish than the Teva, and perhaps appeal more to a younger audience. They still offer the same comfort and support, but there are more styles to choose from and I actually think they look pretty cute!

Nike Men’s Comfort Sandals

For a man who absolutely refuses to wear sneakers or sandals and insists on flip flops, then these are going to be your best bet – tried and tested in this family! They look like a regular slide on sandal, but have a cushioning sole to provide more comfort and support than you’d get from a pair of flip flops.

The best shoes for Disney World for kids

KEEN Unisex H2 Sandal

My boys both have KEEN kids sandals, and they’re probably the number one most recommended best shoes for Disney World for kids. Not only are there tons of cute colors and styles to choose from, but they’re incredibly comfortable and have great support for little feet.

My kids have walked around the Disney parks for hours in these shoes without a single complaint, and that is really saying something!

Sketchers Kids Go Run Sneakers

Sketchers also make some great sneakers for kids that provide comfort and support for all day walking, particularly the GO Run design which are super lightweight. They’re also made with a breathable fabric so that your kids feet won’t overheat during the day, and the styles are very cute!

Stride Rite Sneakers

My boys have both been in Stride Rite sneakers since they first learned to walk, and for good reason. Stride Rite offers comfort, flexibility, durability, and plenty of designs to choose from (including some really cute character designs!)

There are also different fabrics (we usually go for a breathable fabric to keep feet cool) and different styles with everything from first walker shoes to water shoes (which are great for the water parks).

We would definitely recommend these sneakers as being some of the best shoes for Disney World – and probably in every day life too!

Crocs Kids Clogs

I’ll be honest here – I am not a Crocs fan. I’ve never owned a pair so that opinion doesn’t come from any kind of experience, but I’ve never really loved how they looked.

I have to recommend this particular pair though because I know so many people who swear by Crocs when it comes to the best shoes for Disney World! Crocs are lightweight and the waterproof design means it really doesn’t matter how wet the kids feet get, they’ll dry super fast. They do also come in some really cute designs!

The best shoes for Disney World

What do you think are the best shoes for Disney World?