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The best podcasts for family road trips

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Road trips can be a great way to travel with kids, but if you’ve ever embarked upon one then you’ll know that they go downhill real quick once the kids get bored! Luckily podcasts are a great screen free way to keep kids occupied and entertained on long journeys, and there are some fantastic podcasts for family road trips out there! These are some of our favorites, tried and tested by myself and my kids, and I’ve included my kids favorite episodes to get you started!

What If World

Podcasts for family road trips

This is a really fun podcast that my kids think is hilarious! Listeners can contact the podcast with questions on pretty much any topic imaginable, and the host then tells a story based on the question. Some of the topics are funny, some are more serious, but they all manage to combine education with humor in a way that will definitely keep kids entertained.

My kids favorite episode: What if ninjago LEGOs came to life?

But Why

Podcasts for family road trips

This is another podcast based on questions from the kids who listen, who can ask questions on anything they can think of. The questions are often things my kids have asked me over the years, and I often find myself saying “you just asked me that!” out loud to my kids when they announce the question – most of the time I find myself listening and learning along with the kids!

My kids favorite episode: Are Unicorns Real?

Short and Curly

Podcasts for family road trips

This is an ethics based podcast that covers topics that parents sometimes find difficult to discuss with their kids. Topics include lighthearted questions like “do you want to become a vampire?” as well as more serious topics like “what is discrimination?” and “should grown-ups lie to you?” This is a great podcast for family road trips since it sparks discussion in a safe environment and raises questions that kids might have been too nervous to talk about.

My kids favorite episode: What can Severus Snape from Harry Potter teach us about courage and forgiveness? 

Stories Podcast

Podcasts for family road trips

This was my kids number one choice when I asked them their opinion on the best podcasts for family road trips! This is a podcast we listen to on the way to school every day as well as on any longer trips we have planned, and my kids love the stories.

Some of the stories are originals, and some are adaptations of stories from other cultures and countries, but all are appropriate for kids of all ages – my toddler loves them as much as my 7-year old. Most are about 20 minutes long, so you’ll need a few set up and ready to go if you want to listen to them for a couple of hours.

My kids favorite episode: Magical Mischief

Wow in the World

Podcasts for family road trips

Wow in the World is a podcast brought to you by the NPR, and the first designed by them with children in mind. This podcast answers all kind of questions about science, technology, and what’s going on in the world at the moment, allowing kids to find out more about developing technologies and new ideas. I actually found this to be a really interesting podcast myself!

My kids favorite episode: Scaredy Sharks and the Science of Fear

Brains On!

Podcasts for family road trips

Brains On! is a science podcast for kids where the host is joined each week by an expert in the field they’re discussing. This is a great podcast for kids who are a little bit older (I would say probably age 7 and up), especially if they have an interest in science.

My kids favorite episode: How do airplanes fly?

Story Pirates

Podcasts for family road trips

This is another one that I love just as much as my kids! Story Pirates takes stories written by kids and adapts them into sketch comedies and musical theater. Best of all, each week features a well known actor, comedian, or musician to help tell the story; some of my favorites include Broadway stars Alex Brightman and James Monroe Inglehart, actors David Schwimmer and Dax Shepherd, and even members of Freestyle Love Supreme!

My kids favorite episode: The Bear That Couldn’t Disco/The Slowest Elevator in the World (featuring Alex Brightman)

Little Stories for Tiny People

Podcasts for family road trips

This is another great story podcast that is perfect for younger children. I’ve found it especially helpful on road trips where I need my kids to fall asleep; the episodes make for great bedtime stories!

My kids favorite episode: The Moon’s Side of the Story

The Past and the Curious

Podcasts for family road trips

This is a fantastic podcast for kids to learn about history in a funny and engaging way. Episodes cover everything from the history of movies to how the Statue of Liberty came to the United States to some of the best April Fools pranks in history!

My kids favorite episode: April Fooling!

Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls – The Podcast

Podcasts for family road trips

Based on the bestselling book of the same name, this podcast tells stories of amazing women by amazing women. The stories are uplifting and inspirational, encouraging the listeners to dream bigger and fight harder. I have two little boys, but they love the stories nonetheless and I absolutely think boys should hear stories of amazing women in history as well!

My kids favorite episode: Ruth Bader Ginsburg narrated by Priscilla Chan

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Podcasts for family road trips

What are your favorite podcasts for family road trips?